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Using Human Subjects in your Research? 

If so, you must receive approval from the Human Subjects Committee before conducting your research. When submitting an abstract for the Forum, please include the approval number designated to you by HSC. Click here for application.

Click here for the 2016 UCARF Abstract Booklet!

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The Undergraduate Creative and Research Activities Forum, begun in 2002, is held in the spring semester. Undergraduates who have conducted research, scholarly, or creative project under the guidance of a faculty mentor are invited to display an informational poster at the forum's poster session. Prizes were awarded for the top posters (see below).

The 2017 forum will be held on Monday, April 3rd, 2017, in the Student Center Ballrooms. Abstracts of posters are due to curca@siu.edu by Monday, February 29, 2016. For more information, see forum guidelines.

Click HERE for the Undergraduate Forum Call for Submissions Flyer

Congratulations to all of our winners from the 2016 Undergraduate/Graduate Creative Activities & Research Forum:

Creative & Scholarly Saluki Rookies Posters

  • Nicole Fuller (1st Place)
  • Kelechi Agwuncha (Runner Up)
  • Madison Mcminn (Runner Up)

Undergraduate Creative Activities & Research Forum Posters

  • Art/Art Design Category:
    • Samantha Forehand & Aimee LePla (1st Place)
    • Trevor Jones & Natalie Bartels (Runner-Up)
  • Animal and Plant Biology:
    • Anna Frailey (1st Place)
    • Austyn Frassato, Kristina Jordan, & Austin Szubryt (Runner-Up)
  • Humanities/Business/Education Category:
    • Sidney Brothers, Erin Brown, Clance Cook, & Leah Edgerton (1st Place)
  • Engineering/Physical Science
    • Nathan Colley, Miller Eaton, Richard Peterson, & Stephania Zneimer (1st Place)
  • General Biology Category:
    • Joel Brown, Martin Flores, Elizabeth Geerling, & Hailey Sellek (1st Place)
  • Social Science Category:
    • Kari Hammond (1st Place)
    • Kesia McClellan & Gabrielle Morris (Runner-Up)

SIU Carbondale Literary & Art Award

  • Visual Art Category:
    • Drew Middleton (1st Place)
    • Ryan Lay (Runner-Up)
    • Alexis Kimbrell (Runner-Up)
  • Poetry Category:
    • Ashley Mallick (1st Place)
    • J. Hugo (Runner-Up)
    • Raquel Gabriela Olive (Runner-Up)
  • Prose Category:
    • Erin Bradley (1st Place)
    • Ashley Mallick (Runner-Up)
    • Alexa Baczak (Runner-Up)

Faculty mentor of Excellence Award

  • College of Agricultural Sciences – Ahmad Fakhoury
  • College of Applied Science & Arts – Tim Janello
  • College of Business – Cheryl Burke Jarvis
  • College of Education & Human Services – Jared Porter
  • College of Engineering – Tsuchin Philip Chu
  • College of Liberal Arts – Pattie Chalmers & Holly Hurlburt
  • College of Mass Communications & Media Arts – Dennis Galloway
  • College of Science – Eric Schauber

2016-2017 REACH Awards

  • Individuals: Koleton Cochran, Europe Doan, Elizabeth Geerling, Kyle Whittington, Logan Druessel, Austin Szubryt, Evan Gebhardt, Kristina Jordan, Anna Frailey, Samuel Berger, Jessica Wiegand, Nicole Hanke, Mary Hall, Chad Weaver, Sydney Bias, Sherry Rasmussen, Theresa Heitz, Michael Holm, Julia Mosebach, & Ayush Kohli
  • Teams:
    • Brittan Cobb & Felicity Reiman

Winners 2016 Forum2016 Winners


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